9 simple tips for safe online shopping

9 simple tips for safe online shopping

  • 14 May 2018
  • blueberry-electronics Admin

Online shopping has become the part and parcel of one’s daily life. Whether it is for kitchen appliances online or for the best LED TV in India, it is more than a boon to get the item you desire at your doorstep without any hassle! The only thing one needs to bother are the safety aspects and here we present a few you can rely upon.

1) A thorough research!

Always remember, there are many jobless minds spending their time to find out ways to fool and earn money online. If you do a little homework, you can surpass such disasters. Before you get glued to the new websites or the mind-boggling offers, ensure the identity of the site. Check for the reviews and identify whether the customers are satisfied or not with their service. Also, make sure the site has a privacy policy and check for consumers rights. Always take a look at return policies as there are chances a few might vary from the details shown.

2)  Don’t pour out all information

You should know what and what not to share! If the site only asks for your credit card details, address and phone number, its good. But if they ask for something additional, the activity can be considered suspicious. It can be social security number, birthday etc. Remember, the more details they know, there are more chances that your personal identity is at stake. If there are a list of things you need to fill up, better you do not proceed with the transaction.

3) Check your bank statements regularly

Hope your mobile shouts out even when there is a minute transaction happening. At times, you end up paying twice and you never notice.   Don’t wait for the arrival of your final bill. Be vigilant on all your transactions. If any charges or extra bills occur, do verify. As there are many fraudulent activities taking place, its better you won’t wait for further damage to take place. If you suspect anything unusual, contact your bank immediately and block your cards. Also, avoid direct money transfers like Western Union, Moneygram etc.

4) Check if the site is secure.

Choose the sites which have an SSL protection. For that, check if the site redirects to HTTPS as HTTP is not always safe. You can also check for a padlock symbol in the address bar. There are numerous phishing scams occurring these days and check for site security as its a critical factor.

5) Update your device

Install appropriate software for security and ensure the antivirus program is always updated. Clean the junk files. Check for regular updates.

6) Private Wifi

If you keep easy to remember wifi passwords, you must also know that they are easy to crack! Don’t carry out transactions with a public wifi connection especially when you are using your mobile phone. You will be troubled easily. It's not a safe practice to use a public wifi in order to share your most important details. Always prefer a private connection. Also, don't share your wifi passwords with strange people. You will come to know how dangerous they are only after a suspicious action.

7) Make use of strong passwords

One username or password for all your accounts isn’t a good practice. Keep separate logins and passwords for your professional and personal accounts. This is considered safe while making purchases.  And no scribbling of the same anywhere. The lovely innocent ladies must be cautious while they pay for their favourite cosmetic or attire online by avoiding the option to remember the passwords that you often feel tempted to use.

8) Never get impressed by amazing offers

Nobody does a social service by offering unbelievable offers. Think pragmatic! It may prompt everyone to purchase the same. Always check the credibility. Try to contact previous customers if possible. If the seller is not popular, think twice.

9) Don’t fall in love with the appearance

Digital photography is often deceptive. The stuff that looks extra gorgeous and brand new might look faded and cheap when you receive it in hand. you purchase it blindly, there are chances that you may receive the counterfeit item. And if you cannot return, the scenario becomes much worst.

In today’s world, you can’t be blamed when you get even chilli powder online as it is not only the gadgets or clothes! Afterall, who wants to waste their time standing in long queues arguing with the cashier on petite things. Even our government is motivating us to do the cashless transaction. Then the only glitch left is the safety aspect which cannot be purchased online. The tips for a safe online transaction is already listed above. So be safe and happy online shopping!

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