Online Shopping Myths Busted

Online Shopping Myths Busted

  • 10 Apr 2018
  • Rizwan Firoze

Are you someone who would love to shop online but you are hesitant to hit that ORDER NOW button? Just because you are unsure whether you will love your purchase without actually seeing it.

Regardless of the fact that online shopping has become the norm in this day and age, which only makes sense as not only can you shop sitting on your comfortable couch but also put on your favorite face pack while do so. The added advantage of convenience and multitasking.

Right from clothes to home appliances are available online, anything and everything is available under one roof. With all that being said, we all know someone who is still not receptive to this idea. All thanks to the numerous speculations associated with online shopping. But, think there has to be a reason why millions of consumers across the globe use the World Wide Web to shop.

Let’s dispel some common online shopping myths.

Myth #1 online shopping is not secure

Numerous shoppers are of the impression that online shopping puts them at a risk of identity theft. Be rest assured, with each passing day online transactions are becoming more and more secure. Digital wallets are one such example.

Myth #2 brick-and-mortar store shopping is easier

Keeping in mind the fact that shoppers want instant gratification, online stores provide convenience and value for money beyond the physical store experience. Unending variety, buy-online-pickup-in-store, Cash on delivery, Free shipping and Easy returns are some of the features offered by e-commerce platforms to cater customer demands.

Myth # 3 return/exchange of products is hard

Let’s say you bought some new kitchen appliances online and owing to some reasons, you want to return the same. The first thought that crosses your mind will be that this is going to be an extremely difficult and expensive affair.

This is a very common myth associated with online shopping but credible brands offer an easy returns policy. In addition, the returns process doesn’t cost the customers a cent.

Myth# 4 it is tough to determine the quality and size of the product

Most of the consumers hesitate to shop online as they cannot touch and feel the items before purchasing.  To overcome this challenge, online stores provide full descriptions including the specifications. Furthermore, sizing guides help you choose the right fit.

Numerous images of the products from multiple angles with zoom function is a great help to the customers for making the right purchase decision.

Myth # 5 No credit card= No online shopping

Gone are the days when you needed a credit card for online shopping. Online stores have incorporated numerous secure payment options like digital wallets and SnapScan.

And there you have it, common online shopping myths busted.

Go on a shopping spree!

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