Useful tips to keep your pressure cooker in top shape

Useful tips to keep your pressure cooker in top shape

  • 27 Apr 2018
  • Rizwan Firoze

Whether you buy kitchen appliances online or from a brick-and-mortar store, the pressure cooker will surely be on the list.  This everyday kitchen essential may appear to be sturdy but its vital parts are as much susceptible to wear tear as any other delicate kitchen appliance. In addition, your state of the art cooker needs to be cleaned with caution to avoid damage.

Read more for some useful tips to keep your pressure cooker in top shape.

Care and Clean the Gasket

The gasket is the rubber ring around the rim of the pressure cooker lid. It is an important component of the cooker as it keeps the heat and steam inside.  With time oil and dust accumulate on the gasket and it tends to become loose and sometimes even develops cracks. Follow these simple steps at least once every month to enhance the life of your cooker’s gasket.

  • After using the pressure cooker, rinse the gasket thoroughly in water and leave it to dry
  • To improve the lifespan of the gasket, apply vegetable oil on the gasket. Refrain from using other oils as these have the potential to melt the rubber gasket. Once it is completely coated with oil, replace on the lid.

Clean the vent pipe

Designed to release the steam produced in the cooker. The vent pipe gets clogged due to food items and thus leading to poor steam release.  In order to unclog the pipe, you can blow and pass some vegetable oil through it. Refrain from using water to clean the vent pipe.

Use mild cleaning agents

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents when it comes to the interior and delicate parts of the cooker. Make sure that you clean the interior of the pressure cooker thoroughly but do not apply excessive force. You could also apply silver polish to enhance the quality and appearance of the cooker.

Store with baking soda

When your pressure cooker is not in use, make sure that you store it in a dry area. In order to provide added protection against fungi and moisture, store the cooker with a box of baking soda placed within and spread little soda on the interior base area too.

Planning to buy a new pressure cooker online? Follow the aforementioned steps diligently and your cooker will for sure reward you with numerous years of outstanding service

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